AC ALL-Metal Axial Fan

OTHER configuration:

尺寸 Size: 970mm x 970mm x 335mm
风量 Airflow: 9476-11802CFM
噪音 Noise: 82dB(A)
风叶 Impeller Material: Metal
马达 Motor: Capacitor-Run And External Rotor Induction Motor
引线 Lead Wire: Teflon18#UL 1332(Optional)
温度范围 Operating Temperature:  -10℃~+65℃
防护等级 Type of protection: IP44
绝缘等级 Insulation class: "F"

Product Description

product size chart or static pressure:

Product Specfications

产品型号 轴承型式 电压 频率 Freq. 电流 功率 Power 转速 Speed 风量 Air Flow 接线方式 噪音
Model Bearing System Voltage VAC Hz Current A W RPM CFM Connection way Noise dB(A)
800FZL12-D Ball 380 50 2.85/1.6 1200/930 920/770 11802/9476 /Y 82

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