Fan Filter

OTHER configuration:

V=容积电流Volume of current(m³/h)
△Pst=静止压差Static pressure difference (Pa)

Product Description

product size chart or static pressure:

Product Specfications

气流参数Airflow parameter JL500.230 JL500.115 JL500.024 JL500.048
电压/频率 Voltage/frequency 230V/50/60Hz(AC) 115V/50/60Hz(AC) 24V(DC) 48V(DC)
过滤垫 *Filter mat 150 g/ 150 g/ 150 g/ 150 g/
气流风量 Airflow/blast volume 550/600m³/h
最大静压(风量=0 m³/h)
Max. static pressure (blast volume=0m³/h)
过滤效率Filtration efficiency 73%
过滤垫等级Filter mat gradefDIN EN 779 G2
噪音Noise ( DIN 45 635 ) 59/61 dB (A)
负载率Loat rate 100%
使用温度The use of temperature -30℃-+70℃
储藏温度Storage temperature -40℃-+80℃
机械参数Mechanic parameter JL500.230 JL500.115 JL500.024  JL500.048
Dimensions (height*width*mounting depth)
322x322x130 322x322x130 322x322x130
轴承类型Type of bearing 滚珠轴承Ball bearing
安装方向 Mounting direction 任一种,推荐水平方式 Any direction (horizontal mounting is recommended)
结构材料Structure material 阻燃ABS-FR 符合 UL 94 VO Inflaming retarding ABS-FR conforming to the UL 94 VO
重量Weight 2.8kg 2.8kg 2.3kg
安全等级Security grade 依据 EN 60529 According to the EN 60529
颜色Colour RAL 7035, RAL 7032,其它颜色可选 and other colours optional
连接件 Connection 端子板 Terminal board
已有认证Certificate RoHS、UL、EMC、CE、
防护等级IP code IP54
过滤棉型号和尺寸Filter cotton types/dimensions 285 x 285 x 10mm
过滤棉防护等级Filter cotton protection grade 符合UL94V0


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