Fan Filter

OTHER configuration:

V=容积电流Volume of current(m³/h)
△Pst=静止压差Static pressure difference (Pa)

Product Description

product size chart or static pressure:

Product Specfications

风机及过滤器 型号JLFan and filter Model JL 9800.23 9800.115
设计工作电压(V/HZ)Designed operating voltage 230,50/60 115,50/60
空气流量,自由吹风Airflow, free wind 0.3/0.35m³/h (配JL6030HA2 使用时)
除尘率 Dust removal rate 86%
轴流风扇Axial fan 自起动屏蔽磁极电动机Automatically started shaded pole motor
设计电流(A) Electric current designed (A) 0.06/0.05 0.12/0.10
功率(W) Power (W) 6/5
噪音水平 dB(A)Noise level dB (A) 28/30
工作环境温度 Operating ambient temperature -10° C 至+55°C
颜色Colour RAL7035
防护等级IP code 用标准过滤垫为IP44 IP 44 while using standard filter mat
出口过滤器型号 JL Outlet filter Model JL 9800.200 
配套风扇 Supporting fan 适用于 JL6030使用 Applicable to JL6030HA2
Please consult with us when the colour ordered is RAL 7032 or others.Special voltage may be provided 
if necessary according to the inquiry. Jiulong all technical modification rights reserved.


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